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Known for its towering mountains, tropical jungle and broad river plains, "The Beloved Land of the Sun" Maracaibo is Venezuelan's second largest city and the birthplace of owner Franccesca. Working hard was the family tradition. Franccesca, born Francisbel Flores, helped take care of her sister and two brothers and worked tirelessly to create a path for her future in the big city. While studying Business at the Instituto Universitario de Tecnologia Pedro Emilio Coll in Maracaibo, Franccesca worked as a general manager in a casino. The budding entrepreneur eventually developed three different restaurants before the political situation in Venezuela, and the economic hardship she endured, forced her to eventually shut down and sell her businesses. 


With $1500 in her pocket Franccesca moved to Miami in 2015 with her four children. The ambitious and fastidious mother worked 18-hour days tirelessly waitressing and cleaning restaurants before rising to manager and then owner of Fit2Go, a meal prep business. She credits her tenacity and unwavering faith to spirituality, the law of attraction, and an instinctual immigrant mindset.


With the onset of the COVID pandemic Franccesca found herself needing to be close to her parents who lived on the other side of the country in Las Vegas. Always family-oriented, Franccesca sold her Fit2Go business to be with her family. After only twenty days in Vegas the diligent entrepreneur found herself buying an Acai Bowl business in Henderson and employed her two younger brothers to work with her. She would also expand the family business to be a coffee shop with all day brunch and live events. 

Her story as a mother and restauranteur is as intriguing as her food. She exemplifies what perseverance and hard work can achieve. Franccesca has been featured in several press articles including "In Midst of COVID-19 Pandemic, Two Immigrants Help Each Other Find Success". Click link! 


Her work ethic can also be seen in her children, with her eldest daughter achieving a full ride scholarship to become a civil engineer. 


"I believe in the Law of Attraction," says the the aspiring philanthropist who hopes to one day start a foundation that uses some of her own philosophical and motivational approaches to help others. 


As the confident entrepreneur sips her coffee and eats her favorite cheesy eggs and potatoes for breakfast, she listens to the sounds of Andrea Bocelli and reflects, "There were many who thought I was crazy. But I believed in myself," says the beautifully spirited Franccesca.


"I stay positive and don't allow any negativity. Every day is an opportunity to learn something new and to grow." 

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